Army Completes Advanced Combined Heat and Power Plant

July 28, 2004

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for July, 2004, to celebrate the successful collaboration among the U.S. Army at Fort Bragg, DOE's Office of Distributed Energy (DE), private industry and FEMP, to complete a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The project illustrates the value of a "packaged integrated energy system" and will reduce operating costs while improving energy efficiency and security. The CHP system includes a 5.5 megawatt gas combustion turbine with dual fuel capability; it can switch, on the fly, from base operations using natural gas to #2 fuel oil in the event of an emergency. Turbine exhaust fires an absorption chiller that produces up to 1,000 tons of chilled water or to fire a heat recovery steam generator that can produce up to 80,000 pounds of steam per hour. System efficiency is expected to approach 80 percent. The large turbine that drives the CHP plant plays a key role in improving Fort Bragg's abilities to manage electric demand and operate in an island mode (e.g. in the event of a prolonged outage on the main utility grid). Costs were shared between DOE-DE (through Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and Fort Bragg which obtained financing through an Energy Savings Performance Contract with Honeywell.

For more information, contact Jerry Kaylor, Fort Bragg Energy Manager at 910-396-6369; or Kirby Wilcher, ORNL, at 805-574-0429.