Let Us Send You FEMP Focus via E-mail

July 28, 2004

illustration of computer with FEMP Focus on the screen

FEMP Focus is now available to you by e-mail! More than 800 people receive the FEMP Focus electronically, and you can too. When you sign up for the e-mail newsletter, your copy of the Focus goes to your e-mail address and you will no longer receive the printed version. Some of the benefits of switching to an e-mail subscription include more timely delivery and sharper graphics and photos. Since less paper and ink are used for the Focus, you'll help save energy, money, and valuable natural resources.

If you are interested in FEMP Focus via e-mail, visit www.eere.energy.gov/femp/newsevents/fempfocus.cfm. As always, the Focus is complimentary to subscribers.