Whole Building Design Guide

July 28, 2004

Drawing indicating High Performance Buildings have the following interdependent characteristics: safe/secure, functional, aesthetics, historic, productive, accessible, cost effective, and sustainability.

The Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) provides single-point uniform access and use of facility information in a knowledge-based management environment. It provides an overview of the various topics, concepts, and "best practices" associated with good "whole building" design, and then provides a ready means of accessing commercial and government guides, standards, and criteria needed to create such designs. Similar to an encyclopedia, the WBDG is also reductive in nature. But unlike an encyclopedia, the WBDG allows you access to more relevant information by directly linking you to other resources available on the Internet with the click of your mouse. This way, you can consider design objectives and performance requirements in concert with each other to achieve quality, high-performance building projects.

Visit the WBDG Web site.