Federal Government Issues Six RFPs for Renewable Energy Certificates

August 6, 2004

The federal government recently issued six requests for proposals (RFPs) for renewable energy certificates, a means to purchase power from renewable energy sources. Agencies involved in these RFPs include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), General Services Administration (GSA), and World Bank. The GSA, Defense Energy Support Center, and Western Area Power Administration issued the RFPs on behalf of the agencies.

These federal purchases represent 237 to 387 gigawatt-hours of power from renewable sources and will help the federal government reach its federal site renewables goal of 2.5% by 2005. Executive Order 13123 requires federal agencies to increase their use of renewable energy. The Federal Energy Management Program provides agencies guidance regarding the Order and tracks progress toward the goal (see Federal Requirements on the FEMP Web site).

The RFPs and their Web links follow:

EPA Headquarters, Washington, DC

World Bank, Washington, DC

EPA, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

EPA, Five facilities in Western Region

GSA, Mid-Atlantic Region

GSA, Great Lakes Region