The Online Green Purchasing Course Is Now Available

November 30, 2004

The online green purchasing training course is available on the Office of Personnel Management's Gov Online Learning Center Web site. You can find it in the Free Catalogue section, under Legislatively Mandated & Agency Required Topics.

"What is ‘Green' Purchasing, Anyway?" is a fun and instructional course for contracting personnel, purchase card holders, facilities managers, and fleet managers. The course provides an introduction to the federal "green" purchasing program. The federal government has requirements to purchase products with environmental and energy attributes. Also known as "green" purchasing, this program requires the purchasing of recycled content products, energy-efficient products and renewable energy technologies, alternative fuel vehicles and alternative fuels, biobased products, environmentally preferable products and services, and non-ozone depleting substances. The course is organized into modules explaining why the government is buying "green," the legal basics, requirements for purchasing, the different types of "green" products, where to purchase them, roles and responsibilities, and required reporting. It also provides examples, resources, and lots of reference web sites. Course duration ranges from 1-1/2 hours for purchase card holders to approximately 2-1/2 hours for contracting officers and contracting officer representatives. Completion of the course satisfies the Executive Order 13101 requirement that agencies provide training to contracting and program personnel.