Fuel Costs Reduction Checklist

November 30, 2004

In your buildings...

  • Check/adjust combustion efficiency of natural gas-fired equipment
  • Lower thermostat settings
  • Lower setback temperatures
  • Optimize morning warmup and night setback controls
  • Reduce/eliminate major sources of infiltration
  • Minimize use of outside air for process ventilation
  • Modify work activities
  • Minimize the use of natural gas-fired refrigeration equipment

In central heating plants...

  • Conduct boiler efficiency tests
  • Optimize combustion efficiency
  • Perform boiler maintenance
  • Minimize boiler blowdown
  • Optimize steam plant heat balance
  • Minimize deaerator steam venting
  • Optimize boiler loading

With thermal distribution...

  • Inspect/replace steam traps
  • Inspect/repair condensate return equipment
  • Locate/repair steam leaks
  • Repair insulation
  • Isolate non-essential distribution piping
  • Reduce distribution pressure