New SAVEnergy Audit Contracts Awarded

March 31, 2005

The Federal Energy Management Program awarded new SAVEnergy contracts in November 2004, continuing the program which many federal agencies have been using for energy audits since 1995. Changes in the new contracts include nation-wide eligibility for all selected contractors, and the added option to identify peak-load reduction measures.

The SAVEnergy Audit is a comprehensive examination of the energy systems in federal facilities or buildings. Engineers, prequalified as specialists in building energy systems, evaluate the condition of the building envelope (windows, walls, floors, and roof) and the performance of the energy-consuming equipment, including: lighting, furnaces, chillers, air handling systems, and pumps. SAVEnergy benefits federal facilities by:

  • Identifying cost-effective energy-saving measures;
  • Evaluating the performance of the facility's heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems;
  • Screening for opportunities to conserve water and use clean, renewable energy systems;
  • Creating SAVEnergy Action Plans for greater energy and water efficiency; and
  • Meeting the requirements of Executive Order 13123, and agency energy efficiency goals.

Agencies can request the following options, in addition to the basic SAVEnergy survey:

  • The Water Conservation Survey, a more comprehensive study of water use in a facility, including water supply, major water using processes and equipment, and more;
  • Whole-Building Computer Simulation, which uses the building's energy-use profiles, operating schedules, energy-consuming systems, and other items to characterize current energy use and address the interactive effects of recommended energy conservation measures (ECMs); and
  • Identification of Peak-Load Reduction Measures, focusing on natural gas or electricity, in response to recent shortages in both energy sources.

Federal facilities can request a SAVEnergy Audit at any time. However, requests submitted early in the fiscal year are more likely to be funded in that year. Cost-sharing, or full agency funding is also encouraged. See information on the SAVEnergy Program, including the SAVEnergy Request Form.

For more information, please contact Will Prue of FEMP at 202-586- 4537 or Karen Thomas of NREL-FEMP at 202-646-5223.