Federal Facilities Reduce Vending Machine Energy Consumption

March 31, 2005

The General Services Administration (GSA) has purchased 5,000 VendingMisers, an energy management solution shown to reduce vending machine energy consumption by almost half, and they are being installed in cold drink vending machines located in GSA facilities nationwide. The $500,000 purchase order is USA Technologies' single biggest order to date authorized under a recent 5-year agreement signed with the GSA.

The order comes just days after USA Technologies announced that the U.S. Air Force had completed installation of nearly 500 VendingMisers to cut the cost of electricity consumed by cold drink vending machines at its Kadena base on Okinawa, in the Pacific.

The U.S. Navy has already begun converting cold drink vending machines on bases at Yokosuka in Japan, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, and in San Diego, California.

USA Technologies estimates the 5,000 VendingMisers would save the federal sector customer approximately $500,000 a year in electricity costs, and that the customer could expect to recover the cost of the VendingMisers in approximately 1 year.

GSA recently agreed to a 5-year contract with USA Technologies that enables all federal government agencies and facilities worldwide to purchase USA Technologies' VendingMiser®, CoolerMiserâ„¢, PlugMiserâ„¢ and SnackMiserâ„¢ directly from the company. There are an estimated one million vending machines and refrigerated coolers in the federal sector, and by equipping them with VendingMiser, USA Technologies believes the government could save up to $100 million on energy costs annually.