DOE Headquarters Increases Renewable Purchase to 100 Percent

August 31, 2005

FEMP is proud to announce that the Department of Energy (DOE) recently increased their headquarters facilities' renewable purchase to 100 percent. The 37 gigawatt-hour renewable energy certificate (REC) purchase covers the DOE Forrestal building in Washington DC, home of FEMP staff, and the DOE Germantown facility in Maryland. This purchase will help DOE meet their departmental goal of purchasing three percent of its total electricity needs from non-hydro renewable energy sources by 2005 and 7.5 percent of its total electricity purchases from green power by 2010. The purchase also increases DOE's standing in the EPA Green Power Partnership Top 25 list from number 25 to number 14.

The General Services Administration acted as the procurement agent for this purchase. Calpine is supplying the RECs from the expansion of their geothermal Geyser project in California.

For more information, please contact Michael Watkins, 202-586-6944.