Naval Air Station Whidbey Island's Conservation Program Recognized

August 31, 2005

  Photo of one of the Air Station annual energy awarness
  Energy conservation information materials are disseminated to Air Station residents at annual awareness events.

Since receiving a gold level energy award from the Secretary of the Navy last year, the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island conservation program has completed or awarded a number of improvement projects. Upgrades at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor are anticipated to save approximately 8.4 billion Btu and $41,000 annually. Replacement of 400 hertz motor generator units at the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) and North Air Starts are anticipated to save more than 900 million Btu annually, and HVAC upgrades for the AIMD, Flight Simulator, and Central Steam Plant will save almost 2.8 billion Btu and $33,600. The Facility Energy Improvements Energy Conservation Improvement Program (ECIP) project, completed in June 2005, identified potential savings of almost $730,000 and $238,000 in grants, rebates, and other cost avoidance. The Base is also implementing two innovative energy conservation options provided by an in-depth assessment completed by FEMP staff at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: a bio-diesel initiative aimed at providing bio-diesel for the composting facility and the recycling center and two renewable (solar and geo-exchange) fuel cells.

The Air Station's Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) program is featured in a new guidebook available through FEMP to support the acquisition of REMs. The step-by-step guide is directed at those who seek practical advice on whether to hire a REM, drafting a contract, and gauging the REM's performance. The Guidebook was produced for FEMP by the Washington State University (WSU) Extension Energy Program through the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The Air Station's standard-setting energy awareness program includes a weekly and monthly energy conservation column written for four Base newsletters. In 2003, the ENERGY STAR® certification of Victory Park housing by the Washington State University Energy Office was recognized in multiple publications, illustrating the successful partnership between federal, state, and private sectors. The Air Station sponsors or participates in numerous events throughout the year to disseminate energy conservation awareness materials, including the annual Navy/Marine Corps energy awareness week in October, Earth Day in April, an energy fun run/walk, an energy awareness golf tournament, a children's energy coloring contest, the annual Safety Fair, "America Recycles Day," and a demonstration of rideshare and gas/electric hybrid vehicles. The energy conservation team continues to spread awareness through monthly indoctrination of newly arrived personnel and monthly training of Building Energy Monitors.

For more information, please contact Kevin Evans, Resource Efficiency Manager, NAS Whidbey Island, 360-257-1464.