Web Resources for Reducing Natural Gas (article from FEMP Focus Special Issue 2006)

February 27, 2006

Information gathering is often the first step for facility managers in finding solutions to the problem of how to reduce natural gas use and produce energy cost savings. FEMP has a large inventory of useful and valuable information on energy efficient technologies and processes available, and some of the most helpful Web links for immediately responding to the President's Directive are provided below:

Operations and Maintenance
O&M is one of the most cost-effective areas to make quick improvements in energy efficiency that will immediately begin to reduce natural gas use.

Reducing Natural Gas and Electricity
In the world of energy efficiency, facility mangers now, more than ever, need guidance and information specifically directed at how to save natural gas and electricity.

How Federal Employees Can Help
Facility employees can take some easy, but valuable steps to help meet the need to conserve natural gas and petroleum by taking some simple actions, from carpooling to buying energy efficient light bulbs, and much more.

State and Local Resources
States and local agencies can provide regional assistance, with particular emphasis on local tax and initiative programs.