Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Planning

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mitigation Planning section of the FEMP website is designed to provide Federal agency personnel with guidance to achieve agency GHG reduction goals in the most cost-effective way. Using a portfolio-based management approach for GHG mitigation planning, agencies will be able to prioritize strategies for GHG mitigation. Agencies can also use this guidance to set appropriate GHG reduction targets for different programs and sites within an agency.

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The GHG mitigation planning process follows six key steps. Click on a step to learn more.

By Emissions Source

Follow the mitigation planning process steps for the GHG emission sources below. Also see Use Renewable Energy in Buildings for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation.

To learn more about GHG emissions and the three scopes, see Greenhouse Gas Basics.

Who Should Use this Guidance?

This guidance is designed for Federal agency, program, and site-level personnel responsible for managing different GHG emission sources in support of the agency's goals under Executive Order 13514 and other laws and regulations. It is intended for personnel with responsibility for prioritizing activities across multiple assets. This could be a facility energy manager working to reduce energy use across a multiple facilities or an employee transportation coordinator wanting to identify the most impactful alternative commute strategies at a site or across several sites.