Assess Potential Agency Size Changes that Impact Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Questions to Answer

  1. How will changes in the size and mission of your organization affect its emissions profile?

  2. How might these changes affect the organization's ability to achieve reduction targets?

Federal agencies should establish planned changes in operations that could have a substantial impact on emissions for each greenhouse gas (GHG) emission source:

Such changes could represent either an additional significant hurdle to overcome or a significant reduction in the effort required to drive emissions down-in the absence of any direct GHG mitigation reduction strategies. This will help each organization establish its "business as usual" emission profile in 2020, the year agencies are expected to meet their Scope 1 & 2 and Scope 3 GHG emission-reduction goals.

Gathering this information will help to establish any unique challenges or benefits that a program or site may have in reducing emissions. A more relevant baseline can be used to set appropriate internal targets for these organizations.

Next Step

For the next step in the GHG mitigation planning process, see Evaluate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Profile.


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