Estimate and Analyze Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategy Implementation Costs

Questions to Answer

  1. What will it cost to implement different mitigation strategies in your organization?

  2. What strategies are most cost effective to implement in terms of MTCO2e avoided?

Analyzing the cost of implementing each greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation measure provides an important basis for prioritizing different emission reduction strategies.

While actual costs should be used when available, this guidance provides cost estimates or considerations for the major emission reduction measures to help agencies estimate costs without perfect information.

Cost criteria the agency may consider when prioritizing strategies include:

  • Lifecycle cost
  • Payback
  • Cost effectiveness ($ invested per MTCO2e metric tonne carbon dioxide equivalent avoided).

Implementation costs should be analyzed for each emissions source:

Next Step

To prioritize strategies based on this assessment of cost and GHG abatement potential, see the next step Prioritize Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies.


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