Resources on Greenhouse Gas

Many helpful resources about greenhouse gases (GHG) are available.

GHG Reporting and Accounting Tools

Also see Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Planning Data and Tools.

Technical Assistance

  • Limited FEMP technical assistance is available to help Federal agencies understand and apply GHG accounting methodologies.

Interagency Coordination

  • Federal Working Group on GHG Accounting and Reporting: The interagency working group was established by the White House Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) to make recommendations for GHG accounting and reporting methods by Federal agencies under E.O. 13514. The group posts status updates and relevant information on FedCenter through a password-protected site.

  • FedCenter Federal GHG Accounting Workgroup: Original workgroup devoted to "road-testing" the Public Sector Protocol and developing the initial recommendations to CEQ on Federal GHG accounting and reporting. A password is required for entry.