U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Federal Energy Management Program


Historically, the Federal sector has lagged in metering applications. It is not uncommon to find one meter serving hundreds of Federal facilities. These master meters make it very difficult to manage energy use and are a primary driver for Federal metering requirements.

To help Federal agencies meet these requirements, this section outlines strategies and resources surrounding metering best practices, including:

  • Metering Systems: Overview of metering system capabilities and functionality as well as common components across various metering systems.

  • Metering Approaches: Description of the four primary approaches to metering, including required equipment common for each approach.

  • Metering Process: Outline of the five step process typically used to evaluate, design, install, and implement Federal metering programs.

  • Metering Best Practices: Features information about energy and resource metering at Federal facilities, including metering requirements under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Chapter 8 of the FEMP Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices GuidePDF outlines metering in detail. The full guidePDF is also available.