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Resources on Water Efficiency

Many helpful resources about water efficiency are available.

Federal Resources

Federal Guidebooks

Incentive and Rebate Program Resources


  • Managing Water Assessment in Federal Facilities: Focused on managing the Water Assessment process in Federal facilities, this course assists the Federal Energy and Facility Manager to comply with executive orders and legislative mandates and meet the requirements of Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

  • Water Management Training: E-learning module covering Federal water efficiency requirements and best practices. Course provides a comprehensive overview of Federal water management planning and implementation.

  • Water Efficiency Planning and Implementation: FEMP First Thursday Seminar providing a strategic planning overview of developing and implementing a water efficiency program.

State and Local Resources

Associations and Educational Resources

  • Alliance for Water Efficiency: Stakeholders-based national organization that serves as an authoritative advocate for water efficiency and sustainable use of water. The AWE promotes water efficiency through educational outreach and technical resources.

  • American Water Works Association: International nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Founded in 1881, AWWA is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. AWWA also runs the Water Wiser Web site, which provides comprehensive information on water efficiency to consumers and utilities.

  • WaterWiser – Water Efficiency Clearing House: Comprehensive clearinghouse of resources on water conservation, efficiency, and demand management for conservation professionals.

  • Irrigation Association: Non-profit North American organization whose mission is to improve the products and practices used to manage water resources. The organization's areas of interest encompass the application, conservation, drainage, improvement, and recovery of water for economic and environmental enhancement in agriculture, turf grass, landscape and forestry.

  • Water Environment Federation: Not-for-profit technical and educational organization created more than 75 years ago to continually assess and study the quality of the global water environment. WEF commissions research studies about the sources and causes of pollution, examines each new water treatment procedure, and educates the general public and water quality professionals on new techniques and solutions.

  • The H2O House: Online resource for information on residential water conservation and efficiency.

  • Food Service Technology Center: Clearinghouse of information on energy and water efficiency for commercial kitchen appliances. FSTC has developed testing standards for evaluating commercial kitchen appliances.

  • National Drought Mitigation Center: Provides resources for drought mitigation through the University of Nebraska. NDMC has a dedicated Web site that provides technical resources on drought planning, mitigation, and monitoring. NDMC has a drought monitor map that provides up-to-date status on drought conditions across the U.S.