Generic EISA 432 CTS Data Upload Templates

Generic Excel templates are made available to the public so Federal contractors and service providers can provide their clients with reports and findings consistent with the formats required for agencies to easily upload data into the EISA 432 Compliance Tracking System (EISA 432 CTS). Agencies may refer their energy/water audit contractors and project developers/evaluators to these templates as a reference for required data elements and reporting.

Data may be batch imported by the Federal agencies into EISA 432 CTS using the following Excel spreadsheet templates. The "agency acronym" and facility identifying data contained in these templates must correspond to the existing IDs used in EISA 432 CTS. Contractors populating these templates for agency clients should contact the appropriate agency facility energy coordinator to obtain this information, or the agency can fill in this data prior to uploading.

Generic CTS Data Upload Templates