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Energy Action Month

Energy Action Month 2013
Print, display, and distribute these materials during Energy Action Month.

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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) supports Energy Action Month by offering materials that promote energy- and water-saving practices in Federal facilities.

This year's outreach materials call on Federal employees to take action and empower leadership, innovation, and excellence to realize a secure energy future.

Empower Leadership

One individual can empower collaboration and teamwork that can spark change and result in sustainable solutions. Empower coworkers, groups, and entire organizations to lead by example, build momentum, and make a difference.

Empower Innovation

Innovative thinking can guide strategic sustainability plans, generate new best practices, and accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies. Empower others to think creatively and harness the power of people and technology.

Empower Excellence

Leverage resources and maximize opportunities to move beyond "business as usual" and raise the bar for operational excellence and a secure energy future.

Energy Action Month outreach materials remind Federal employees to be conscious of their energy, water, and petroleum use. Agencies are encouraged to print, display, and distribute these materials around the office during the month of October. Materials can also be used in digital and social media communications.

Campaign Resources

Use these resources to raise energy awareness during Energy Action Month and throughout the year.

For more information, contact your Energy Action Month agency coordinator.