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Federal Procurement of Energy-Efficient Products June 2012 Update

What do you think?
Your feedback is very important to us. To subscribe, submit articles, suggest topics, or give us your feedback, contact Amanda Sahl.

For more information about energy-efficient product procurement, visit femp.energy.gov/procurement

Welcome to the fifth issue of Federal Energy-Efficient Product Procurement! This bi-monthly update helps Federal procurement officials, facility managers, and others remain up to date on events, training, technology, and changes to acquisition requirements.

In This Issue:

Cost Calculator Updates Underway

You have spoken! The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is updating the cost calculators for commercial boilers and pre-rinse spray valves. Thank you all for casting your votes at www.femp.energy.gov/calculators. Updates to these cost calculators will be available by mid-August in time for GovEnergy 2012.

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FEMP "Covered Products" Page Update

We've missed you! Come visit FEMP's newly revised "covered products" page. The new format, which has tabs to help you easily navigate between major product categories, has received rave reviews from Federal energy managers. Visit www.femp.energy.gov/coveredproducts to see for yourself.

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ENERGY STAR Products Update

ENERGY STAR®'s new product guidelines for 2012–2013 include uninterruptible power supplies. In addition, ENERGY STAR recently revised product guidelines for icemakers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, and furnaces. Agencies interested in learning more about these products and revisions can email Una Song or call 202-343-9024.

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New EPEAT Standards for TV and Imaging Equipment Ratings Move Forward

After three years of intensive stakeholder work, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1680 standards that will form the basis of Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) imaging equipment and television environmental ratings are moving toward final approval.

EPEAT is the definitive environmental rating scheme for electronic products. EPEAT ratings are based on environmental performance criteria addressing design, production, energy use, product longevity, and recycling, and are backed up with ongoing, independent verification of manufacturer claims. EPEAT currently covers personal computers (PCs) and displays. In addition to the imaging equipment and television standards, a new server standard will begin development this summer. Implementing the new standards will more than double EPEAT's market reach, and TV coverage will increase the system's potential for use in the consumer market. For more information, please contact Sarah O'Brien at 802-233-1478.

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Now Accepting Project Suggestions and Applications for the Sustainability in Procurement Fellows Program

As part of the Sustainability in Procurement Fellows (SPF) program, participants are required to work on projects that address a broad cross section of some of the most relevant sustainable procurement initiatives in the Federal Government. The SPF program is accepting project proposals for consideration. Descriptions of current projects are available on the SPF Program website.

The SPF program is a professional development program that provides Federal employees with in-depth training on sustainability. The fellowship covers regulatory requirements, industry trends, and systems thinking concepts, and provides hands-on sustainability project experience. As part of the fellowship, each employee receives training in relevant sustainability-in-procurement topics, performs substantive work on sustainability initiatives, and assumes an active role in the government-wide sustainability community. This intensive program aims to empower its alumni to serve as tomorrow's Federal sustainability leaders and enable them to serve as knowledge resources for staffs government-wide. The deadline for applications is June 29.

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Upcoming Events

The following conferences and events can be beneficial resources for facility managers and procurement officials:

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Contacts and Subscriptions

For questions and comments about this bi-monthly update or to subscribe, contact Amanda Sahl at amanda.sahl@ee.doe.gov.

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