New and Underutilized Power Generation Technologies

The following power generation technology is underutilized within the Federal sector. This technology has been identified by FEMP as the most promising for Federal agency deployment.

Technology Benefits Application Weighted Score
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) A CHP system recovers otherwise wasted heat from electricity generation for productive uses such as heating, cooling, dehumidification, and other processes. Properly designed CHP systems can be more than twice as efficient as the average U.S. fossil fuel power plant. The ideal applications for combined heat and power (CHP) systems in traditional buildings use hydronic distribution systems (steam or hot water and chilled water). However, other buildings can also be candidates. Industrial processes, research and development activities, and service activities that involve heating and cooling are all candidates for CHP. 85

Ranking Criteria

Ranking hinges on three major attributes derived from specific capabilities and qualities of that technology in the Federal marketplace. Each attribute is weighted and scored individually. The ultimate ranking score is a summation of scores and weightings of each attribute, such as:

  1. Federal Impact (50% weighting): Combination of energy savings potential and applicability in the Federal market.

  2. Cost Effectiveness (30% weighting): Relative cost of the implementation and average expected return typically reported in case studies as simple payback period.

  3. Probability of Success (20% weighting): Combination of the qualitative characteristics scored separately and averaged to determine probability of success. Criteria include strength of supply chain, knowledge base, implementation difficulty, and customer acceptance.