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Graphic of the eTraining logoEnergy-Efficient Federal Purchasing: This intermediate FEMP eTraining course offers hands-on learning on finding, specifying, and selecting energy-efficient products.

Energy-Efficient Product Procurement: This introductory FEMP First Thursday Seminar details executive order and Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements for purchasing FEMP-designated and ENERGY STAR products.

Federal agencies are required to procure energy-efficient products. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) helps Federal purchasers comply with these requirements by identifying energy- and water-efficient products that meet Federal acquisition requirements, save taxpayer dollars, and reduce environmental impacts.

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For many product types, the Federal Government is the largest purchaser in the world. Therefore, Federal energy-efficient product procurement can impact the worldwide market. By setting a clear standard for energy performance, Federal procurement requirements can shift the market toward greater production of energy-efficient products. That, in turn, will improve product availability and reduce cost for all consumers.

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