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Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy generates clean energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the Federal government's dependence on fossil fuels.

More importantly, renewable energy increases energy security, creates jobs, and powers our clean energy economy.

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FEMP helps Federal agencies increase the proportion of renewable energy in their energy mixes. FEMP does this by providing a number of services, most of which can be accessed on this website. This website helps agencies...

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Meet Federal renewable energy requirements, such as the Energy Policy Act, Energy Independence and Security Act, and the latest executive orders.

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Plan and implement renewable energy projects.

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Request assistance with planning or implementing an on-site renewable energy project.

Leverage resource maps and screening tools from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other sources.

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Purchase renewable power and manage renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Access case studies, live and recorded training, and other resources.

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Information and meeting notes from the Federal Renewable Energy Working Group are also posted.

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The information within this site is offered to help you - Federal energy managers. We hope that you find the information and resources you need to plan and implement Federal renewable energy projects and encourage you to contact FEMP with feedback.

Renewable energy leveraged from natural, renewable resources delivers electricity, heating, cooling, and other applications to Federal facilities and fleets. By using renewable energy, Federal agencies increase national security, conserve natural resources, and meet regulatory requirements and goals.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides assistance and resources to help Federal agencies evaluate and implement renewable energy technologies.

Learn about:

  • Federal Requirements: Find Federal renewable energy regulations, goals, and guidance documents to understand and meet requirements.

  • Renewable Resources and Technologies: Browse renewable energy resources and technologies with a strong emphasis on Federal application opportunities.

  • Project Planning: Read an overview of how Federal agencies can assess and implement renewable energy technologies to meet energy and regulatory requirements.

  • Project Assistance: Get assistance in project assessment and implementation areas to identify and implement renewable energy technologies.

  • Resource Maps and Screening Tools: Browse a collection of maps and tools to screen for potential renewable energy projects.

  • Purchasing Renewable Power: Look up available options to purchase renewable power and renewable energy certificates.

  • Case Studies: Read examples of renewable energy projects conducted by Federal agencies.

  • Training: Browse a collection of on-demand training sessions covering Federal renewable energy requirements, technologies, and best practices.

  • Contacts: Find contact information for FEMP and focused on renewable energy technology assessments and implementation.

The Guide to Integrating Renewable Energy in Federal Construction is also available.

Read the Renewable Energy Overview.