U.S. Department of Energy

Anna Brockway

SunShot Junior Fellow

SunShot CSP Program

Anna Brockway is passionate about science and policy as they relate to clean and renewable energy. Working for the SunShot Initiative, she says, provides her with a great opportunity to develop her knowledge in this field.

Photo of Anna Brockway.

Since January 2013, Anna has been a SunShot Junior Fellow through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). She is tasked with learning about the Energy Department's solar efforts and contributing to various projects. Anna works with the concentrating solar power (CSP) team, the balance of systems (BOS) team, and on a project related to solar forecasting.

"My current projects are aimed at better understanding the reliability of solar system materials and improving forecasting to better predict the availability of solar resources," she says. "We're also exploring how smarter policies and better access to information and data can influence solar energy deployment in the United States."

During her stint as a SunShot Junior Fellow, Anna hopes to deepen her understanding of the chemistry and materials science behind the components of CSP systems. She has a B.S. in chemistry from Haverford College, with a focus on computational physical chemistry with application to alternative energy and sustainability. She also has a philosophy minor and was heavily involved in student government while at college.