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Customer Acquisition

Photo of a woman, man, and child looking at a silver box on the outside of a home.

The cost of acquiring customers and designing systems to fit their homes represents approximately 45% of all balance of systems costs in the U.S. rooftop residential solar market. Photo from Dennis Schroeder, NREL PIX 20285

Customer acquisition costs in the solar energy industry include marketing efforts to reach potential customers and salary payments to sales staff. These costs can be reduced by:

  • Increasing the availability and accessibility of independent, unbiased information on the costs, benefits, financing mechanisms, and quality vendors of photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Using recent lessons from behavioral economics to move customers closer to a purchase decision
  • Providing better training for solar sales representatives.

Current Efforts

Below are examples of awardees, funded by SunShot, that are working to reduce customer acquisition costs:

These awardees are working to reduce balance of systems costs to make solar affordable for more Americans.