U.S. Department of Energy

Marketplace Maturity

Photo of houses with solar panels on the roof.

DOE-funded projects are behind about 30% of more than 1,800 solar energy technology patents granted to the ten most successful solar innovation companies, including General Electric's thin-film integrated solar module, seen installed here on a residential rooftop. Image from GE Energy

DOE supports advances in the solar market through innovation as well as growth. Every market goes through a process of emerging, developing, and maturing. Despite a long history of public and private investments in solar-related technologies, the solar industry is still developing.

In 2010, the U.S. market made up only 8% of the global PV demand and provided about 6% of the international supply. The U.S. solar industry can become stronger by taking progressive steps, such as developing new online tools for sourcing products, streamlining the purchasing process, and driving established businesses to succeed.

Current Efforts

Below are examples of awardees, funded by SunShot, that are helping to foster a strong domestic solar industry:

These awardees are working to foster growth by supporting American businesses that are built to last.