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    News Archives - 2005


    DOE Announces Appointment of Dan Arvizu as New NREL Director
    California and Oregon Organizations Install Large Solar Plants
    Energy Star Sets New Guidelines for External Power Supplies
    Paint-On Solar Cell Captures Infrared Radiation
    Solar Panels Power Shafer Vineyards


    Dr. Samuel Bodman Sworn in as Secretary of Energy
    Solar Power Industry Roadmap Looks to a Brighter Solar Future


    Las Vegas Water District to Feature 3.1-Megawatt Solar Project
    Solar Power Leaders Launch Group to Grow U.S. Markets
    Solar Power Researchers Pursuing New, Innovative Materials
    Clean Air Act Settlement to Yield Solar and Wind or Biomass Projects


    DOE Announces Four Hydrogen Demonstration Partnerships
    New Jersey Utility to Install 500-Kilowatt Solar Power System
    Wyoming Offers Ranchers Solar- and Wind-Powered Water Pumps
    NREL Reports Growth in Utility Green Power Sales in 2004
    District of Columbia Adopts a Renewable Energy Requirement
    Idaho Provides Financing, Tax Rebates for Renewable Projects
    U.N. Finds Huge Solar and Wind Potential in Developing Countries
    U.S. Air Force Leads the Nation in Green Power Purchases
    Ex-Im Bank's Environmental Exports Program Aids Clean Energy Exports


    California Continues to Lead the Way with Large Solar Projects
    DOE: Liquefied Natural Gas Imports Increased 29 Percent in 2004
    Studies Find More Solar Energy Reaching Earth's Surface
    General Electric Sees Huge Growth in Clean Energy Business
    New Technologies Promise to Revolutionize the Solar Power Industry
    Growth in Solar Power Drives Changes in Silicon Supplies


    Seven Teams Qualify for the North American Solar Challenge
    Planetary Society Launches a Solar Sail
    Unmanned Airplane Flies Two Days on Solar and Battery Power


    G8 Leaders Commit to Clean Energy Technologies at Summit
    Record Efficiencies Show Promise for Concentrating Solar Cells
    USDA Guarantees up to $200 Million in Clean Energy Loans
    Wal-Mart "Experimental Store" Uses Efficiency, Solar, and Wind
    Subway Station in Coney Island Features Integrated Solar Roof


    Power Production from Renewable Energy Aided by Energy Act
    Scientists Outline "Revolutionary" Solar Research Areas
    FedEx Installs 904-Kilowatt Solar Power System
    Utility Plans 500-Megawatt Solar Thermal Project in California
    Spain to Build an 11-Megawatt Solar Power Tower
    Carbon Nanotubes Show Promise for Solar Cells, Other Devices
    DOE Awards $16.5 Million for State Energy Savings Projects


    Solar Tours Come to 43 States and D.C. on October 1st
    San Diego Signs Up for 300 Megawatts of Solar Thermal Power
    Oregon and New York State Offer Solar Energy Incentives
    USDA Awards $21 Million for Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    DOE Draft Plan Examines Technologies to Cut Greenhouse Gases
    Netherlands' Nuon Solar Team Leads the World Solar Challenge
    National Solar Tour Comes to 43 States and D.C. on October 1st
    Solar Panels and Biodiesel Aid in Hurricane Recovery Efforts


    Solar Decathlon's "Solar Village" Takes Shape on National Mall
    Amsterdam's Nuon Solar Team Wins the World Solar Challenge
    Secretary Bodman Opens Solar Decathlon Competition on National Mall
    Virginia Tech Claims Early Lead in the Solar Decathlon
    University of Colorado Wins the 2005 Solar Decathlon
    DOE-Funded Researchers Win 29 "R&D 100" Awards


    Pennsylvania Advances Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Biodiesel
    U.S. Government Exceeds its Goal for Renewable Energy Use
    California Approves Contract for 500-Megawatt Solar Facility
    University of Delaware to Lead $54 Million Solar Cell Project
    DOE Launches Web Site for "Easy Ways to Save Energy" Campaign
    Massachusetts and Illinois Support Large Renewable Energy Projects
    California Energy Policy Looks to Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    BP to Double its Investment in Renewable Energy
    EIA Report Says Solar Manufacturing Grew Significantly in 2004


    ACEEE Offers Condensed Online Version of its Consumer Guide
    Hawaii Army Bases to Feature 3,000 Homes with Solar Power
    DOE Sends Energy Saving Team to New Jersey Coast Guard Center
    DOE Sends Energy Saving Team to Federal Courthouse in Alabama
    DOE Energy Saving Team Deployed to Denver Federal Center
    DOE to Participate in Upcoming International Builders' Show