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    News Archives - 2007


    Solar-Powered Boat Successfully Crosses the Atlantic
    "New American Home" Wows Crowds at International Builders' Show
    Continuing Resolution Boosts Funding for Efficiency, Renewable Energy


    Energy Secretary Announces Selections of $168 Million in Solar Energy Projects
    Thirteen Solar Energy Projects to Receive Up to $168 Million
    Solar Cell Researchers Awarded Prestigious Dan David Prize
    DOE Sets Spending Plan for $1.474 Billion in New EERE Funds
    DOE Announces Market Transformation Selections for Solar America Initiative
    Report: U.S. Solar Cell Market Increased 33 Percent in 2006
    Solar Energy Efforts Approved by Nevada Public Utilities Commission


    Massachusetts Colleges Score Grants for Solar Energy Projects
    NREL Laboratory Earns LEED Platinum, a Federal First
    Maryland Approves Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Bills
    DOE Sets the Date for the 2007 Solar Decathlon


    Record-Breaking Solar Power Installations Underway in the West
    Solar Manufacturing Takes Flight in the United States
    IPCC Report Says Clean Energy Technologies Could Curb Climate Change
    New Hampshire Enacts a Renewable Requirement with Solar Set-Asides
    Solar Program Announces Solar America Showcases
    DOE Awards $22.7 Million for Basic Solar Energy Research
    Concentrating Solar Power Funding Opportunity Announcement


    Shuttle Visit Adds More Solar Power to the Space Station
    DOE to Invest $40 Million for Efficient Housing Research
    Largest Solar Thermal Plant in 16 Years Now Online
    DOE to Invest $60 Million for Solar Energy Research
    Green Projects Honored for Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Designs


    Oregon Expands Support for Solar and Other Renewable Energy


    Mississippi and New York Teams Win Cross-Country Solar Car Race
    Delaware Doubles its Renewable Requirement, Adds Solar Set-Asides
    California Utility Agrees to Buy 553 Megawatts of Solar Power
    EIA: Renewable Energy Gained U.S. Market Share in 2005
    DARPA-Funded Effort Achieves New Record Solar Cell Efficiency


    Colorado Solar Facility Begins Generating 3.6 MW
    Solar-Powered Airplane Achieves Record Unmanned Flight Duration
    Renewable Energy, Bioproduct Inventions Win Seven R&D 100 Awards


    Eight U.S. Utilities to Seek Greater Efficiency Investments
    National Solar Tour Comes to All but Four States on Saturday
    Big Solar Thermal Power Plants Planned for Florida, California
    Solar Decathlon Nears End of Assembly Phase, Prepares to Open
    DOE Loan Guarantee Program Invites 12 Clean Energy Projects to Apply
    German Team Wins the Architecture Contest at the Solar Decathlon
    Maryland Takes the Communications Contest at Solar Decathlon
    Maryland Wins Lighting Contest, Takes First in Two Contests in a Row
    DOE Launches New K-12 Energy Curriculum Web Site
    New California Energy Acts Include Incentives for Solar Water Heating
    Solar Cars to Bisect Australia in a Race that Starts on October 21st
    University of Maryland Takes a Narrow Lead in the Solar Decathlon
    Nation's Capital Hosts International Clean Energy Conferences
    Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wins Solar Decathlon's Market Viability Contest
    DOE and Spain to Bring the Solar Decathlon to Europe
    German Team Takes First Place Overall in Solar Decathlon 2007
    Six Companies Win the 2007 Green Power Supplier Awards
    Dutch and Japanese Teams Lead the Australian Solar Car Race
    DOE, EPA, and CRS Announce the Green Power Leadership Awards
    Study Identifies 5,000 Megawatts of Untapped Renewable Energy in Arizona
    DOE Seeks Clean Energy Entrepreneurs to Work at Three National Labs
    Dutch Nuon Team Wins the Australian Solar Car Race
    NASA Faces a Torn Solar Array and Worn Joint on the Space Station


    Northwest's Largest Solar Facility Built Amid Wind Turbines in Washington
    Shuttle Astronaut Mends the Space Station's Solar Array
    Flight Pioneer Unveils Design for a Solar-Powered Aircraft
    DOE Invests $21 Million in Next-Generation Solar Cell Research
    Report: Efficiency Could Cut Growth in U.S. Energy Use in Half
    California Utility Signs Agreement for Solar Thermal Power
    DOE Provides $5.2 Million for Concentrating Solar Power


    DOE Creates a $7.2 Million Clean Energy Commercialization Fund
    Southwestern Utilities Team Up on Massive Solar Power Project
    Report: Global Renewable Energy Experiencing Double-Digit Growth
    Nellis Air Force Base Hosts the Largest U.S. Solar PV System
    Renewable Energy Growth Boosted in New "Annual Energy Outlook"