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    Pennsylvania Awards $8 Million for Alternative Fuels Projects

    November 17, 2010

    Pennsylvania is investing nearly $8 million for 21 alternative fuels projects, including biofuels, natural gas and electric-powered vehicles (EVs), Governor Edward G. Rendell said on November 17. The projects are expected to create 221 jobs and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 14.5 million pounds. The latest round of $7.9 million through the Pennsylvania's Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program will make it easier for consumers and businesses to use home-grown biofuels and new technologies such as hybrid and electric plug-in vehicles, as well as those powered by natural gas. The investments will be matched by another $22.1 million in private funds.

    The recipients included: Momentum Dynamics, which will develop a technology that will recharge EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles wirelessly; YRC, Inc. to install a biodiesel blending system at its Carlisle Truck Freight Terminal; and International Battery Inc., to demonstrate the long-term performance and manufacturing viability of an advanced lithium battery pack suitable for hybrid electric and electric buses and commercial trucks. See Governor Rendell's press release.