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Sensible Heat, Direct, Dual-Media Thermal Energy Storage Module

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This computational modeling of molten salt heat transfer fluid pressure shows the drop as it flows through a face-centered cubic unit cell

Acciona Solar, under the Thermal Storage FOA, plans to develop a prototype thermal energy storage (TES) module with high efficiency. This project is looking at a packed or structured bed TES tank with molten salt flowing through it.


Under this award, Acciona is aiming to design and validate a sensible heat TES module with round-trip efficiency >93%. The module will serve as the building block of a TES system that can be deployed at costs in line with the DOE 2020 goals.


The goal of the prototype design is to eliminate the need for heat tracing along a parabolic trough system that is capable of operating at a temperature of at least 500°C.

Publications, Patents, and Awards

At this time, this project does not have published articles, patents, or awards.

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