U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

SunShot Initiative

Andru Prescod

Technology Development Manager

SunShot CSP Program

On Contract from ManTech International Corporation

As part of the SunShot concentrating solar power (CSP) team, Andru Prescod applies his broad expertise in optics, market analysis, and strategy to addressing many of the key challenges in the CSP field.

Photo of Andru Prescod.

"I like identifying opportunities that will enable the team to achieve or surpass its milestones," he says.

Andru was drawn to solar energy in high school. Later, an interest in quantum physics during his undergraduate years led him to pursue related fields, specifically physics in graduate school at Duke University and quantum optics at City University of New York.

He worked at Corning Incorporated for approximately 15 years in various roles, including measurements and controls, market analysis, and technology strategy. While at Corning, he evaluated potential acquisition targets and joint venture proposals, and performed due diligence on product technologies and nonillumination modeling. As a market analyst, he investigated the business potential of disruptive technologies that are integral to industry growth. As a controls engineer, Andru led highly technical teams in the United States and Asia that built large-size measurement tools and provided programming solutions for Corning.

"One of the highlights of my career is my contribution to the specialty glass industry as a subject matter expert and leveraging my expertise in optical modeling and measurements to solve challenging technical issues," he says. "I also enjoyed the tight deadlines and high risk/high reward projects."

Andru has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics from Morehouse College, a master's degree in physics from Duke University, an executive master's of business administration from Binghamton University, and a doctorate in electrical engineering from the City University of New York.

Andru manages the following projects: