U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

SunShot Initiative

Photovoltaics Research and Development

In support of the SunShot goals, the DOE PV program works toward significant improvements in solar cell efficiency, reliability, and cost. In addition, program activities seek to move novel PV devices and systems to pilot production as well as advance market-ready technologies into mass production.

Photovoltaic research efforts focus on five key technology areas:

In addition to supporting R&D for existing photovoltaic technologies, SunShot supports research into emerging PV concepts that are still in the proof-of-concept phase. These projects, which are still being developed in a laboratory, have the potential to revolutionize the photovoltaic industry. This work is primarily supported by SunShot's Next Generation PV II awards and includes concepts such as nanowires, metal-organic frameworks, photon upconversion, intermediate-bandgap cells, and hybrid technologies.

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