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Current Issue

July 2013

The DOE SunShot Initiative's Systems Integration program is pleased to release the second edition of SunShot Grid Integration News.

In this issue:

New Video Highlights SunShot Efforts to Advance Solar Technologies at the Utility Scale

The SunShot Initiative has released a new video highlighting the utility-scale solar inverter testing capabilities at DOE's new Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. Featured in the video is SunShot awardee Advanced Energy's solar inverter testing at the ESIF as part of the SunShot Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems-Advanced Concepts (SEGIS-AC) program. These efforts target ways to develop power electronics and build smarter, more interactive systems and components so that solar energy can be integrated into the electric power distribution and transmission grid at higher levels.

Photo of three people in a laboratory in front of various computer screens and equipment.

As the first industry partner to use the ESIF, Advanced Energy is testing its new solar photovoltaic inverter technology with the facility's utility-scale grid simulator and hardware-in-the-loop system.

Hawaii Solar Integration Study Reveals Grid Impacts of High Penetration Renewables

DOE and its partners have collaborated with local Hawaiian companies to complete the Hawaii Solar Integration Study—a first-of-its-kind detailed technical examination of the effects of high penetrations of solar and wind energy on the electrical grids on the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu. As detailed in NREL's Hawaii Solar Integration Study Executive Summary report, the groundbreaking study's findings will aid utilities and grid operators as they consider the effects of high penetrations of variable renewable energy on their own grids.

Proposals Due August 7 for Grid Integration Funding

The California Public Utility Commission, a SunShot partner, has announced up to $7 million in funding for grid integration research through the fourth grant solicitation for its California Solar Initiative (CSI) Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (RD&D) Program. Proposals are due August 7 for projects that aim to overcome barriers and accelerate the integration and interconnection of high penetration photovoltaics on the grid.

Fast Fact: Listen to Part II of Grid Integration Podcast

In the second segment of a two-part podcast series, DOE's Kevin Lynn talks about SunShot's efforts to address concerns with integrating higher levels of solar energy on the nation's power grid.

Past Issue

April 2013