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Information Resources

The following resources about wind power technologies are available on the program website:

Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach: Information Resources

See wind-related publications, webinars, podcasts, groups, studies and ordinance at the Wind Program's Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach website.

Wind Program Newsletter

Read the Wind Program's quarterly newsletter, covering program highlights, R&D news, Program and industry events, publications, and financial opportunities.

OpenEI: Wind Portal

The Open Energy Information website allows readers to read and contribute to its collection, including maps of global wind energy companies and resources on wind development support, wind energy licensing opportunities, and more.

Wind Power Generation Widget

This widget shows how wind farms and wind turbines work. You can share this widget on your own website.


Search for and view program fact sheets, reports and other publications using the Wind Power Technologies Publication and Product Library. Or see these key publications:

A New Vision for U.S. Wind Power

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Program, in close cooperation with the wind industry, is launching a new initiative to revisit the findings of the 2008 DOE 20% Wind Energy by 2030 report. Read about the effort and share your vision of the U.S. wind market.

Wind Energy Basics

These pages provide basic information about wind power, including how wind energy works and the history of wind energy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Energy

A list of frequently asked questions and answers about wind energy and the Wind Power Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Wind Systems

A list of frequently asked questions and answers related to using a small wind energy system to power your home.


Browse photographs, videos, audio files, and animations from the Wind Program.

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