Marine and Hydrokinectic Technology Project Listings

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Project TitleProject LocationProject Start DateProject StatusProject Capacity (MW)
ADM-5-November 2009Phase 2 - Site Development 0.5
Admiralty Inlet Tidal Energy ProjectUnited States WA Port Townsend2006Phase 1 - Siting/Planning 22.1
Aguçadoura-2008Phase 3 - Device Testing/Commissioning [Pilot] 2.25
Alaska 1United States AK Eagle2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 13United States AK Ruby2008Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 17United States AK Kaltag2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 18United States AK Nulato2008Phase 0 - Undeveloped 10
Alaska 24United States AK Kiana2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 25United States AK Noorvik2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 28United States AK McGrath2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 31United States AK Aniak2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 33United States AK Nuiqsut2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
Alaska 35United States AK North and South Inian Passes2007Phase 0 - Undeveloped
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