Submit a Technology or Project to the Marine and Hydrokinectic Database

You can also submit a technology and/or project review by an editor (this may take several weeks) by submitting a questionnaire (PDF - click here for a free PDF reader) and high‐resolution JPEG or TIFF image of your technology to Once an editor has started reviewing the technology and/or project, you may be contacted with questions regarding the information you provided and/or a request for additional information.


By submitting a project for editorial review, you agree that any data, text, drawings, calculations and/or graphical and other images (hereinafter “information”) provided may be distributed freely to any user of the database or other information resource created from this database, and you certify that (1) the information is free from copyright restrictions and (2) you have the authority to release the information. You also certify that the information provided is, to the best of your knowledge accurate and up to date.

Each technology or project description may or may not include details on various aspects of that technology or project’s capacity, development and/or location. You can limit your search to projects that include details in a particular topic area by using the Advanced Search function. Once you have a list of technologies, companies, or projects that meet your search criteria, clicking on any technology, company, or project brings you to an overview screen with general information on your selection.