State Energy Program

The State Energy Program (SEP) provides financial and technical assistance to states through formula and competitive grants. States use their formula grants to develop state strategies and goals to address their energy priorities. Competitive grant solicitations for the adoption of energy efficiency/renewable energy products and technologies are issued annually based on available funding. States provide a 20% match under SEP annual formula allocations. SEP emphasizes the state's role as the decision maker and administrator for the program activities within the state. The energy offices in each state and territory are a vital resource for delivering energy benefits, addressing national energy goals, and coordinating energy-related emergency preparedness across the nation.

Competitive Financial Assistance

SEP provides competitively awarded financial assistance to U.S. states and territories to further develop policies, programs, and strategies that increase jobs and save energy while helping the nation achieve energy and climate security.

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The 2009 Recovery Act and the State Energy Program

Recovery Act Logo

SEP will distribute $3.1 billion of funding to the states and U.S. territories under the 2009 Recovery Act.

Recovery Act Program Guidance 

Find DOE program guidance to documents to the SEP grant recipients in the states and U.S. overseas territories dealing with funding under the 2009 Recovery Act.

Technical Assistance

DOE provides states and U.S. territories with technical assistance on how to use Recovery Act funding to improve their energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.