Credit Enhancement

Credit enhancement can take several forms. In this case we are looking for credit enhancements which perform the following purposes:

  1. To give private investors enough confidence to invest their capital in financing programs. Investors may not be sure what to expect or how to evaluate the risk of new energy efficiency and renewable energy financing programs. They may need additional assurances to participate in financing programs.

  2. To expand the pool of borrowers who have access to credit. Financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy will be significantly more useful if it expands access to credit to individuals, organizations, and business that do not already have affordable access to capital.

Past Webcast Presentations

Below are presentations from previous Webcasts. The presentations are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. The audio files are available as MP3 files. Download Windows Media Player.

Webcast Date Presentation Audio Transcript
Structuring Credit Enhancements for Clean Energy Finance Programs: Loan Loss Reserves 01/15/10 (PDF)
(MP3 60.7 MB) (Text)