TAP Webinar: Introduction to Benchmarking—Starting a Benchmarking Plan

February 21, 2013


The DOE Technical Assistance Program (TAP) will hold a webinar on benchmarking on February 21, 2013; 2:00–3:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
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In February, TAP will release a new resource document on creating a benchmarking plan. The resource provides considerations, tools, and tips for public sector organizations to use in developing a benchmarking plan. Whether benchmarking as a part of an energy management plan or for compliance in a benchmarking program, having a clearly established benchmarking plan helps organizations strategically implement a benchmarking program. This resource document reviews the benchmarking planning process from establishing a goal through implementation. After participating in the webinar, organizations will have a better understanding of how to start their own benchmarking plan or expand their existing process for better results. This resource will be referenced for the Better Buildings Alliance Working Group on Data Management.