State and Local Peer Exchange

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) believes that some of the best learning happens by sharing information and experiences with your peers, and facilitating that communication and learning is one of our core focuses. TAP offers state, local, tribal, and K-12 school district leaders a range of peer exchange opportunities that you can find listed below:

Better Buildings Alliance Project Teams

The Better Buildings Alliance is an opportunity for state and local governments to sustain the momentum of their work under the 2009 Recovery Act by accessing DOE-facilitated peer exchange and expertise. Members commit to annual energy reductions across their building portfolios and to participate in a project team to develop skills, plans, and tools in one of four strategic areas: energy planning, data management, energy savings performance contracting, and financing.

Project Teams are an opportunity for long-term exchange with a small group of peers from the public sector, facilitated by DOE experts. Descriptions of the teams can be found below. To learn more about and join the alliance and one of the project teams visit the Better Buildings Alliance page, or email us at

Data Management Approaches

Meeting Dates

March 2013 — June 2013


Harness building energy data for greater energy efficiency impact

This project team focuses on critical elements needed to benchmark energy use across a portfolio of buildings. Receiving expertise from DOE and peers, participants will discuss the mechanics for tracking and benchmarking building energy use. The group will develop skills in utilizing benchmarking data for energy management and energy program decision making.

Community Strategic Energy Planning

Meeting Dates

June 2013 — February 2014


Fully developed strategic energy plan framework

The Strategic Energy Planning meetings will equip participating organizations with the knowledge, tools, peer-exchange, and feedback needed to develop and implement energy plans in their communities. Participants will learn about strategic energy planning and then be guided through the actual plan development steps, supported by DOE expertise and discussions with peers.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)

Meeting Dates

June 2013 — December 2013


Develop an energy services agreement framework along with recommended task list for high performing contracts.

The ESPC Project Team will provide tools and guidance to help organizations prepare for ESPC implementation. A replicable RFP, process templates, and legislative guidance will be available as participants set up their ESPC programs.

Finance Strategies

Meeting Dates

June 2013 — November 2013


Strategy for financing a portfolio of public projects

This project team will focus on implementing finance strategy across participants' public building portfolios. Participants will be asked to identify a suite of projects they are looking to finance, and then technical experts will lead the team through discussion of possible options and best practices in design and implementation. A project team focused on public support for the private sector may follow later in the year.

One-on-One Peer Matching

TAP can connect you with peers that to share specific expertise, lessons learned and resources developed as a result of their energy efficiency or renewable energy policies, programs, or projects. To request one-on-one peer matching, please send an email to, including your name, state/local government and your request.

Annual Better Buildings Summit for State and Local Communities

DOE also sponsors annually the Better Buildings Summit that brings together state and local government and K-12 education leaders to discuss effective actions and policies to build a clean energy economy. You can view the presentations from past years' meetings.