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Below you can find presentations from past webinars sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Technical Assistance Program (TAP). You can organize the webinars in the table by title, date, or topic. Topics include: strategic energy planning, policies and programs, data management and evaluation, financing solutions, and energy technologies. Or you can also search by key words, for example: benchmarking, energy savings performance contracting (ESPC), or qualified energy conservation bonds (QECB).

Webinar Title Date Topics

Stimulating Energy Efficiency in Kentucky: An Implementation Model for States

04/24/2014 State, Energy Technologies, Engagement

Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Housing through Partnerships

01/30/2014 State, Financing Solutions, Engagement

Energy Efficiency In Correctional Facilities & Opportunities for State Energy Office Engagement

01/23/2014 State, Policies and Programs, Engagement

Raising Investment Funds for Clean Energy Programs & Working with Financial Institutions

12/05/2013 State, Financing Solutions

Combined Heat and Power: Expanding CHP in Your State

12/04/2013 State, Energy Technologies

Tools for Designing & Implementing Better Finance Programs

11/21/2013 State, Financing Solutions

Spurring Local Economic Development with Clean Energy Investments

11/07/2013 State, Policies and Programs, Engagement

Federal Finance Facilities Available for Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Clean Energy Deployment

09/24/2013 State, Financing Solutions

The Energy-Water Nexus: State and Local Roles in Efficiency & Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

09/11/2013 State, Energy Technologies, Engagement

States & Emerging Energy Technologies

08/15/2013 State, Energy Technologies

States & Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

08/01/2013 State, Policies and Programs, Technology

Retrocommissioning and the Public Sector

07/18/2013 State, Energy Technologies

Energy Efficiency in K-12 Schools & State Applications

06/27/2013 State, Policies and Programs, Engagement

Deep Energy Retrofits & State Applications

06/20/2013 State, Energy Technologies

Financing Renewable Energy Projects

08/21/2012 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

The Energy Audit Process & State Applications

05/23/2013 Energy Technologies, State

Using Cluster Road Mapping to Determine Strategic Clean Energy Direction

05/16/2013 Energy Technologies; Strategic Energy Planning

Partnering with Utilities and Other Program Administrators to Sustain and Grow Your Energy Efficiency Initiatives

05/8/2013 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Benchmarking Outreach and Data Collection Techniques for External Portfolios

04/25/2013 Data Management and Evaluation

Financing Energy Upgrades for K-12 School Districts

04/11/2013 Financing Solutions, Education

State Energy Strategic Planning

04/03/2013 Strategic Energy Planning

Internal Benchmarking Outreach and Data Collection Techniques

03/28/2013 Data Management and Evaluation

Developing, Staffing, and Overseeing a State Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program

03/26/2013 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Commercial PACE: Updates from the Field & New Resources for Design and Implementation

03/19/2013 Financing Solutions, Commercial PACE

Introduction to Benchmarking: Starting a Benchmarking Plan

02/21/2013 Data Management and Evaluation

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) — State Issues & Approaches

02/12/2013 Financing Solutions, QECB

High Performance Leasing Strategies for State and Local Governments

02/26/2013 Policies and Programs, Local

Community Energy Strategic Planning Resources

01/24/2013 Strategic Energy Planning

Better Buildings Alliance for the Public Sector

12/04/2012 Strategic Energy Planning

District Heating with Renewable Energy

11/20/2012 Energy Technologies

Strategic Energy Management

11/07/2012 Policies and Programs, General

Net-Zero-Energy Communities

10/16/2012 Strategic Energy Planning

Wind Energy in Urban Environments

09/18/2012 Energy Technologies

Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning Policies for Public and Commercial Buildings

08/30/2012 Policies and Programs, General

Energy Performance Benchmarking and Disclosure Policies for Public and Commercial Buildings

07/26/2012 Data Management and Evaluation; Policies and Programs, Local

Making it Easier to Complete Clean Energy Projects with Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs)

07/19/2012 Financing Solutions, QECB

Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Projects

07/17/2012 Energy Technologies

Local Strategies for Whole-Building Energy Savings

06/21/2012 Policies and Programs, Local

Energy Disclosure and Leasing Standards: Best Practices

12/21/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Strategies for Successful Energy Management

12/20/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Advanced Topics for the Portfolio Manager Initiative: Energy Policy Implementation

12/19/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Portfolio Manager Space Type Discussion

12/07/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Partnering with Utilities Part 2 - Advanced Topics for Local Governments in Creating Successful Partnerships with Utilities to Deliver Energy Efficiency Programs

11/30/2011 Policies and Programs, Local

Collaboration and Consensus Building in States to Support Energy Efficiency as a Resource

11/22/2011 Policies and Programs, State

Benchmarking Mixed Use Buildings in Portfolio Manager

11/01/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Communicating Success: Measuring Improvements, Sharing Results

10/25/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Conducting and Using Energy Efficiency Potential Studies for States

10/10/2011 Policies and Programs, State

Portfolio Manager Overview Presentation

10/01/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

How to Design and Market Energy Efficiency Programs to Specific Neighborhoods

9/27/2011 Policies and Programs, Local

Partnering with Utilities Part 1 - Successful Partnerships and Lessons from the Field

9/22/2011 Policies and Programs, Local

Exploring Partnerships to Further Building Code Compliance Enhancement

09/09/2011 Policies and Programs, Engagement

The Role of the Public Utility Commissioner in Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

08/31/2011 Policies and Programs, State

Internal Behavior Change Programs and Increasing Energy Efficiency

08/25/2011 Policies and Programs, Behavior

Integrating Experimental Design into Your Program

08/24/2011 Policies and Programs, General

National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Vision for 2025: A Framework for Change

08/10/2011 Policies and Programs, General

Introduction to Using Community — Wide Behavior Change Programs to Increase Energy Efficiency

07/28/2011 Policies and Programs, Behavior

Exploring Power Purchase Agreements - The Basics Part 1

07/27/2011 Financing Solutions, PPA

Furthering Your Local Governments' Energy Efficiency Goals: Getting Support from Local Leaders

07/26/2011 Policies and Programs, Local

Energy Saving Performance Contracting: Investment Grade Audit

07/21/2011 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Interior Lighting Efficiency for Municipalities

06/29/2011 Policies and Programs, Local

Geothermal Heat Pumps: In Policy and Practice

06/23/2011 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Best Practices for Establishing Municipal Funds for Energy Efficiency Projects

06/21/2011 Financing Solutions, Revolving Loan Fund

Policies and Procedures for Enhancing Code Compliance

05/31/2011 Policies and Programs, Codes

Using Social Media to Engage the Community in Energy Efficiency Projects

05/26/2011 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Traffic Synchronization and Management for Energy Savings

05/18/2011 Energy Technologies

Leveraging Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations

05/17/2011 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Community Energy Strategic Planning and the CESP Academy

05/12/2011 Strategic Energy Planning

Residential Retrofit Design Guide Overview

05/03/2011 Policies and Programs, Residential

Interactions Between Energy Efficiecy Programs Funded Under Recover Act and Utility Customer-funded Energy Efficiency Programs

04/28/2011 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

Energy Conservation Modeling for Weatherization

04/27/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Engaging Financial Institution Partners

04/25/2011 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Exterior Solid-State Lighting Solutions for Municipalities

04/19/2011 Energy Technologies

Advanced Benchmarking: Benchmark Building Energy Use Quickly and Accurately Using EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

04/14/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Combustion Air Zone (CAZ) Best Practices

04/13/2011 Policies and Programs, Air Quality

Developing an Evaluation Measurement, and Verification Plan: Residential Retrofits

03/29/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs): Updates from the Field

03/28/2011 Financing Solutions, QECB

Ask the Expert: Energy Savings Performance Contracting

03/24/2011 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Developing Low-Interest Retrofit Loan Programs for Multifamily Sector

03/23/2011 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Workforce Development and Sales Training for Energy Efficiency Contractors

03/22/2011 Policies and Programs, General

Community Development Finance Institutions- Opportunities for Partnerships with Energy Efficiency Programs

03/17/2011 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Financial Program Management for Continuous Improvement

03/16/2011 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

State and Local Energy Savings Performance Contracting: Savings Measurement and Verification (M&V)

02/24/2011 Data Management and Evaluation; Financing, ESPC

Optimizing Solar Installations: Tools and Strategies

02/23/2011 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Efficient Residential Water Heaters

02/22/2011 Energy Technologies

Integration of Renewables and Efficiency: Leveraging Interest and Funding

02/17/2011 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

Financing Programs: RFP & Contract Terms and Conditions

02/15/2011 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Developing an Evaluation Measurement and Verification Plan for Your Energy Efficiency Project/Program

02/09/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Community Renewables: Wind, Solar, and Model Program Rules

01/26/2011 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Photovoltaics for Residential Buildings

01/25/2011 Energy Technologies

Managing Financing Programs — Spreadsheet Models

01/24/2011 Data Management and Evaluation

Community-Based Social Marketing for Weatherization Programs

01/11/2011 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Guideline For Retrieving Customer Usage Data From Utilities

12/16/2010 Data Management and Evaluation; Policies and Programs

ESPC Pricing and Financing for State and Local Grantees

12/16/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Retrofits

12/14/2010 Energy Technologies

Procuring and Implementing Solar Projects on Public Buildings: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

12/08/2010 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Building Actionable Climate Action Plans

12/06/2010 Strategic Energy Planning

Defining and Establishing the Role of a Sustainability Manager

12/02/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Community Renewables Projects

11/30/2010 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Passive Solar Building Design and Solar Thermal Space Heating

11/30/2010 Energy Technologies

State Clean Energy Policy Impact

11/17/2010 Policies and Programs, State

Solar Water Heating

11/16/2010 Energy Technologies

Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs 101

11/15/2010 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

Introducing the New PowerSaver Loan Program from HUD/FHA

11/12/2010 Financing Solutions, PowerSaver

A Primer on EM&V, Data Collection, Tracking and Reporting of Efficiency Savings, and Supporting Available Tools for EECBG and SEP Grantees

11/10/2010 Data Management and Evaluation

Local Power Empowers: CHP and District Energy

11/10/2010 Energy Technologies

Driving Demand: Working With and Learning from Contractors

11/09/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Effective O&M Policy in Public Buildings

11/04/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Preparing for the Arrival of Electric Vehicle

11/03/2010 Policies and Programs, Transportation

How to Design a Community Energy Alliance

11/01/2010 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Designing Effective Incentives to Drive Residential Retrofit Program Participation

10/29/2010 Policies and Programs, Residential

Using RETScreen To Identify the Most Promising Clean Energy Projects

10/27/2010 Energy Technologies

Quality Assurance for Residential Retrofit Programs

10/26/2010 Policies and Programs, Residential

Tips and Tools for Promoting Your Energy-Efficiency Project

10/22/2010 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Overcoming Common Pitfalls: Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

10/21/2010 Energy Technologies

Driving Demand: Door-to-Door Outreach & Tracking Impacts

10/19/2010 Policies and Programs, Engagement

Energy Management Systems: Maximizing Energy Savings

10/15/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Energy Code Compliance and Enforcement Best Practices

10/14/2010 Policies and Programs, Codes

Future Funding: Effective Models for Leveraging Public Funds

10/13/2010 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

ESPC Pricing and Financing for State and Local Grantees

10/12/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements: Lessons from the Field

09/29/2010 Policies and Programs, Residential

Designing Effective Renewables Programs

09/28/2010 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Green Codes and Programs

09/24/2010 Policies and Programs, Codes

ESPC Basics For State and Local Grantees

09/23/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Taking Advantage of Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs)

09/22/2010 Financing Solutions, QECB

Loan Loss Reserves: Lessons from the Field

09/20/2010 Financing Solutions, Loan Loss Reserves

Stretch/Reach Codes

09/15/2010 Policies and Programs, Codes

Low-to-No Cost Strategy for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

09/14/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Residential Building Audits and Retrofits

09/01/2010 Policies and Programs, Residential

BetterBuildings: Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

08/05/2010 Policies and Programs, Residential

Clean Cities & Transportation Tools

07/28/2010 Policies and Programs, Local

Cutting Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Energy Use: Tools and Incentives that Work

07/08/2010 Policies and Programs, General

Financing Energy Efficiency: Loan Loss Reserves as Credit Enhancements

05/26/2010 Financing Solutions, Loan Loss Reserves

Web Mapping and Online GIS Applications for Renewable Energy

05/26/2010 Energy Technologies

Midsize Wind Turbines for the U.S. Community Wind Market

04/28/2010 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Tribal Energy Project Development Through ESCOs

04/21/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

PV tools on the Web: In My Backyard and the Open PV Mapping Project

03/24/2010 Energy Technologies

Solar Energy — Capturing and Using Power and Heat from the Sun

03/24/2010 Energy Technologies

Pennsylvania Keystone HELP Program

01/28/2010 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

Strategic Energy and Sustainability Planning in El Paso, Texas

01/27/2010 Strategic Energy Planning

Creating Liquidity for Energy Efficiency Loans in Secondary Markets

01/22/2010 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Energy Saving Performance Contracting Program Implementation

01/21/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Structuring Credit Enhancements for Clean Energy Finance Programs: Loan Loss Reserves

01/15/2010 Financing Solutions, Loan Loss Reserves

Basics of Energy Saving Performance Contracting

01/14/2010 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Introduction to Energy Performance Contracting

12/16/2009 Financing Solutions, ESPC

Revolving Loan Funds: An Introduction

12/10/2009 Financing Solutions, Revolving Loan Fund

Strategies and Considerations for Approaching Lenders

12/03/2009 Financing Solutions, Overview and Design

Introduction to Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing Programs

11/18/2009 Policies and Programs; Financing Solutions

Feed-in Tariffs: Best Practices and Application in the U.S.

10/28/2009 Policies and Programs, Renewables

Revolving Loan Funds: Basics and Best Practices

08/26/2009 Financing Solutions, Revolving Loan Fund

How to Estimate the Economic Impacts from Renewable Energy

07/29/2009 Data Management and Evaluation

Low-Cost Financing with Clean Renewable Energy Bonds

06/24/2009 Financing Solutions, QECB

Third Party Financing and Power Purchasing Agreements for Public Sector PV Projects

05/27/2009 Financing Solutions, PPA

Taking It from Brown to Green: Renewable Energy on Contaminated Lands

04/22/2009 Policies and Programs, General

State Clean Energy Scorecard: Renewable Energy Performance and Policy Rankings

02/18/2009 Policies and Programs, State

State Policies to Encourage and Require Green Building Principles in the Public Sector

12/17/2008 Policies and Programs, State

Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

10/22/2008 Energy Technologies

Role of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Improving Air Quality and Addressing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals on High Electric Demand Days

07/17/2008 Policies and Programs, Air Quality

A Look Behind the Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard

04/16/2008 Policies and Programs, Renewables

NELHA Creates the 'Green Energy Zone'

02/13/2008 Energy Technologies